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A hypnotic book about your existence

Written by two insanely curious hypnotists who, after dealing with thousands of clients looking for life solutions, became aware of fundamental processes involved in unveiling sustainable road maps to joy, meaning and love. Unpack Your Existence provides you with ways to explore your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Written hypnotically, it will affect you on multiple levels. 

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"This is maybe the book without an elevator pitch, because an elevator pitch requires a simple solution and maybe there isn’t”

-Ulf, Fredrik & Don

This book is about you, if you are curious. There is a you beyond who you think you are and what people have told you. Beyond personality profiles, color systems and diagnoses, beyond outcomes and comparisons. Life is an adventure and this book is a tour guide to help you explore who you are and the sea of potential you are in. It’s a holistic handbook for the incredible creation that is you and it’s designed to help you explore the many possible best versions of yourself. Don’t be, do!

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This book contains the wisdom of the ages distilled to produce a masterpiece of information. Overall the breadth and scope of the text is amazing. It is a legacy that will be visited by many and utilized to create greater happiness in the world.


Co-creator of the Havening Techniques

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